Taxes and Benefits

When a country becomes there is a cost, it is necessary to run a country. And before I go, then the terms of the country’s territory are: 1., 2., 3. the people’s Government, and to 4. is money. From which the money was there? Yes from the results of the production in the country itself.

For the moment we know taxes into an instrument for the sustainability of a State. Without the tax looks like a country difficult to develop. Taxes are an important part of the study.

I’ve seen this moment so many irregularities that occurred in the world economy. Wrong in managing the tax system became tax does not run as expected. Human resource issues are the main ones. People must be trained to have the expertise and skills in her life, so also in the science of taxation in English in familiar with the word “tax”.

Together the people and return to the people it is supposed to be taxed at manage, not to a particular category only. Can’t tax became pungkiri in land tender for the corruptor. Many of the persons affected by the tax officer corruption case caused not trustful in the works.

Beautiful when the tax funds for the Sepik people, terbangunya the infrastructure in a country. Away from the country’s budget deficit, so that countries no longer need to seek search loans from abroad. It is a tax that has not been manfaaf in the sense of the people.